Prokhorov’s bid for presidency: will rapping his way to a non-existent political party bear fruit?

Have you ever been a member of a political party which does not exist? Well, in Russia everything is possible! 


The independent presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov decided to launch a new political party. 6 days before the presidential election?  Not now: the billionaire-turned-politician-without-a-party promised on his website to lauch the party after the March 4 election. What is the name and ideology of the new party? None exist.


But the recruitment on the candidate’s official website has already started. And, believe it or not, the non-existent party already counts over 34 000 future members.


What Mikhail Prokhorov does not explain is the reasons for the announcement. One can only regret that his political message gets diluted in an already feeble political debate….and wonder about the political strategy behind a rap performance during a guest appearance on popular “Project Paris Hilton” comedy show.


The hosts of the show on state owned Channel One TV invited Prokhorov to join them in a brief rap in English and Russian. Reading from a sheet of paper, Prokhorov, raps with a fist in the air: "I am real Russian Eminem."


Pundits acknowledged Prokhorov's performance as both horrible and charming.


But it is unclear whether the online success of the candidate’s rap performance (it was viewed over a million times) will transform into real-life votes.

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